Muncie Novelty/Indiana Ticket Update – April 3, 2020

To All Employees of Muncie Novelty and Indiana Ticket:

I hope everyone is doing their best to pull yourselves through this trying time. We wanted to give a brief update.  The State and County continue to mandate Stay at Home for non-essential businesses and their employees.  We have applied for Paycheck Protection loans under the Federal CARES Act, but it is currently unknown when this aid might be received.  Without this relief, we are unable to process payroll as usual.

This was hard to put in writing and I am sure even tougher to read.  As stated in our initial post we want to offer as much information as we can, but at this time there are more questions than answers.  Hopefully answers are coming soon and carry positive information once received.

As you might expect, payment from our customers has nearly stopped.  Many clients express willingness to pay for the products they received prior to the mutual pause, but are looking for extended terms or to make payments in installments.  We have made the same requests to some of our suppliers.

This is a tough time for all of us, and hopefully if we can find a way to stick together as a team and community, we will all have a chance to get back to normal.  Please continue to take all recommended precautions to prevent the spread of this horrible virus.

Stay safe,
David & Megan

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