Muncie Novelty/Indiana Ticket Update – June 17, 2020

We hope this update finds you and yours well.

As in past updates, our product markets continue to open in phases. As one may expect, we have not yet seen a surge in demand for all of our products.

It is encouraging that, as expected, we have been able to recall additional employees that did not return in our initial recall.

Discussion and planning continues for future recalls. Our intentions are first to have all of our employees recalled, and second to restore as many as possible to their former positions.

It’s possible that future recalls will be asked to fill temporary assignments in other available positions and / or departments.

As stated above, our intention is that assignments to other positions or department be temporary, until our market demand allows the employee to return to their former position.

As before, those recalled will be contacted individually about a week in advance to allow you sufficient time to prepare for your return.  If you are receiving this post, we will be using the same contact resources to notify you to return. Once contacted, please reply to your supervisor at your earliest convenience.

Finally, we are providing a link to a posting from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development warning of a fraud scam to unemployment insurance claimants. Please be aware of this scam and protect yourself. Click this link to view the fraud alert.

Your patience is appreciated in these uncertain times. As always, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you.

Take care!
Ed Cowgill

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