Muncie Novelty/Indiana Ticket Update – May 1, 2020

This afternoon, Governor Holcomb announced the State’s plan to begin reopening business across Indiana.  Stage 2 of the plan allows companies like ours to begin the reopening process on Monday, May 4.  Our management team met this morning to discuss a plan to do this as safely and responsibly as possible.

Looking at the Governor’s guidelines, we anticipate other States will follow similar paths.  While we are able to begin operating, many of our clients across the country are still closed or operating at a limited capacity.

As you might expect, there will be changes from our previous routines. New protocol will apply from the time we enter the building with temperature checks and a new time “clock” procedure.  Along the lines of a progressive reopening, we plan to start production at a slower pace than usual, calling employees to return a few at a time.

Each of us has a personal responsibility to keep ourselves safe and look out for our co-workers.  Enhanced cleaning of tools and equipment is essential.  Maintaining a clean work space is necessary.  While some items have been difficult to purchase in large quantities, we do have sufficient supply of sanitizer, soap, masks and gloves.  We will need to conserve use of these items so that we can replace them as supply starts to ramp up.  For example, when you return, you may want to bring a re-usable face covering from home.

Written guidelines will be available when you return, but these are things we have heard non-stop since the horrible virus put our lives on hold.  Social distancing, hand washing, limited contact, and stay at home if you are not feeling well or have a fever.

The first group to return will be contacted by their department manager with further instructions.  If you are not among those contacted, please do not think that your position is in jeopardy.  Our sincere wish is to return to full employment as quickly and safely as possible.

Thank you all for your patience as we continue to navigate this unique and uncertain obstacle.

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